It’s All White by Me – “Whites” That Are Full of Color

Sherwin Williams & Benjamin Moore – Undertones to be Reckoned With

To design with all white often translates to color. For the most part, our “whites” contain multitudes of undertones and the interiors we create using shades of white are full of color, subtle as they are.

The palette above shows a few selections of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore “whites” and the colors they translate to. Notice how these color harmonies relate so well to the images below. Links to above images:

“White Girl” –
“La Pie by Monet, 1869
“Winter White” –
“Stacked White on White” –
“Ultra Creamy White Elegance” –
“Powder Blue Mix Master” –
“Funky White” –
“Natural White Light” –
“White Washed” –
“Pony in a White Room” –
“White Moderne” –
“Fresh White Menagerie”
“Snow Hoot!”
“White and Lace Bath” –
“Splash-of-Color-Pillow” –
“Big White Space” –
“Still Life in Shades of White” –
“Comfortable in White”
“Sun Washed Sun Porch” –
“Zen White” –
“Ornate Worn White” –
“Milky White” –
“White Pools, Fir Floor” –
“Pink-White Twinkle”
“Victorian Whites” –
“Mid-Century Modern White”27. “Thai White Budda”

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