Our Approach to Interior Design

To keep your interior design project on track, we stick to our trusty approach for all our projects, whether it is a simple interior décor update, a full-scale interior design, a remodel, or even new construction.

We’re big on clear and friendly communication throughout the entire design process. It’s not about creating spaces; it’s about creating experiences that make you feel right at home. Let’s embark on this journey together and bring your home interior to life.

1. 30 Minute Complimentary Discovery Call

Our first conversation by phone or on Zoom


Welcome to the Discovery Call – the first brushstroke on our collaborative canvas! This is our chance to genuinely connect, and make sure we're the perfect fit. We’re all ears to learn about your design challenges and to tell you how we can help bring them to life, and curious to know what intrigued you about Belltown Design in the first place.

This is a two-way conversation where we deep-dive into your goals and needs and explore how your dreams and our design expertise come together. It's a real, engaging conversation by phone or on Zoom so we can help you to understand how we can help you manifest what you want.

  • Establish a personalized, two-way rapport
  • Preview the property online or with floor plans
  • Understand client’s objectives
  • Explore design solutions
  • Introduce our company’s services
  • Move forward by scheduling a Pre-Planning Strategy Meeting

2. Pre-Project Strategy Meeting

Asking questions and defining goals onsite at your property

Once we have decided to work together we will schedule a Pre-Project Strategy Meeting in person and on site at your Seattle Property. This is a two hour meeting for the fee of $425.00 to walk through the project together. We want to see the real space you’re living in and talk to you about how you plan to use it to entertain, or how much cooking you plan to do in that kitchen. (No judgement if you order take out either!)

The focus is completely on you and what you wish to achieve with your project. You’ll share with us any inspiration images you’ve collected so we can get a feel for your preferred aesthetic. (Don’t worry, if you don’t know your style, we’ll help you uncover it!) We’ll offer recommendations based on your design objectives. We want to delve into your taste and practical needs and make sure we’re on the same page regarding the budget, scope of work, and ideal timeline. We will also evaluate the space onsite and any construction constraints or unique design challenges and discuss the feasibility of building what you hope to create for the budget and timeline you have in mind.

We’ll also discuss who will be your construction partners in the project. When it comes to contractors, you have options. We can suggest experienced professionals we’ve partnered with before, or you can take the lead in selecting your own. It’s your project, and we’re here to provide guidance every step of the way.

After this meeting you’ll receive a written summary to include:

  • Designer’s Walk Through
  • Design Overview
  • Design Style and Criteria
  • Scope of Work
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Design Fees
  • The “Belltown Design Experience”

3. Written Interior Design Agreement

Getting on the same page


Once we’ve seen your condo or property and see that we are a great fit, we’ll put together a timeline, budget & contract to begin working together.

Belltown Design’s contracts are customized to each client and are standard to our industry. This is sent via email then reviewed in person or on Zoom so I can answer all your questions. You will let us know when you are ready to join us to sign.

You will receive a contract with the following:

  • Project Overview
  • Scope of Work
  • Design Criteria
  • Time Schedule
  • Budget
  • Client and Designer Responsibilities
  • Design Revisions
  • Design Fees
  • Payment Schedule
  • Creative Ownership
  • Photographic Documentation
  • Closing

4. Interior Design Phase 1: Design Focus

Refining design goals and exploring solutions

We start developing the style concept, taking measurements, and creating floor plans that fit within the space. Then we make some early choices for finishes, fixtures, and furniture. It’s time for a sit-down where we show you our initial ideas. Your input is key here – we want to know what you think, what you love, and what you’d like to tweak. It’s all about creating a design that truly reflects your vision and tells your story!

You will receive the following services:

  • Image Exchange: We’ll share design ideas and concepts with you through images, helping us get on the same page.
  • Design Criteria: We’ll figure out your design style together. Whether you like contemporary or midcentury modern, Craftsman or Victorian style — or you don’t know how to describe what you like! — we’ll help you find a style that feels right for you narrowing down the options to fit your taste and give it a definition.
  • Color Scheme: Let’s create the perfect color scheme for your space, from building materials to fabrics to wall colors.
  • Materials Palettes: We’ll mix and match materials, finishes, textures, and colors to visualize your room designs.
  • Concept Drawings: This is where we set the mood for your interior – what should it feel like?
  • Space Planning: We’ll draft initial floor plans and renderings, working closely with an architect or space planner if necessary to make sure everything’s just right.

Your feedback and desires guide us in defining and refining your design aesthetic.

While every home interior design project is different, this phase can take anywhere from one to three months depending on how long you need to make your decisions. We help you to be efficient, but we never rush our clients.


5. Interior Design Phase 2: Development & Details

Refining solutions and developing details


By now we’ve mapped out the design path and it’s time to put the pieces together, fine-tuning every detail and selecting the finishes, fixtures, and furniture. We’ll dive deep and come to approval on space planning, electrical layout, built-in casework design, lighting fixtures, materials selections, paint and wallpaper choices, accent walls, hardware, tile, plumbing fixtures, window treatments, fabrics, furnishings, art, and more. It’s a lot but don’t worry, we’ll guide you through every step and make sure your design is exactly as we envision it.

Now that we know the details of your design, we might discover we’ll need some specialty contractors or installers. We’ve got a rolodex of carpenters and masons ready for your amazing built-ins or fireplace designs, or if you have something else in mind, we’re happy to work with your contractors as well. Either way, we will help you obtain cost estimates as needed and liaison with your contractor and tradespeople to ensure that the design will be executed as intended.

Last but not least we’ll finalize the design details so we (and/or the contractor) can start procuring materials. And of course, we’ll be by your side overseeing vendors, tracking orders, and receiving shipments.

You will receive these deliverables according to your work scope:

  • Finished floor plans
  • Elevation drawings (if needed)
  • Materials specifications
  • Furnishings and product specifications
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Electrical plans
  • Wall paint color plan
  • Wallpaper selections
  • Fabrics
  • Finishes
  • Art and decor

6. Interior Design Project Execution

This is where the real fun begins!

When all previous steps have been well executed, this stage becomes seamless. While a few bumps may show up along the way, it’s our job to make sure everything goes smoothly. We’re on top of things, eagerly awaiting deliveries, inspecting merchandise, and tying up any loose ends for you.

During construction, we’re your trusty guide through what can sometimes be a tricky and disruptive process. We’ve got you covered by advocating for your needs and making sure everything runs well. We’ll oversee the installation of window treatments, lighting, built-ins, wall treatments, furniture, area rugs, lamps, and wall art – all those finishing touches that add the wow factor!

As we patiently await the arrival of your furniture and other items, we’re here to lead you. We assist in creating a construction punch list and make sure it is completed with the contractor, and oversee the installation of your furniture, art, and accessories. From start to finish, we’ve got your back!

You will receive these services:

  • Construction timeline and logistics
  • Priorities
  • Organized teams
  • Project systems
  • Project oversight
  • Punch list with contractor