Victorian Home, 1902, Powder Room Remodel, Capital Hill, Seattle, WA

Small Space, Big Design! Marble Mosaic Flooring, Marble Slab Wainscoting and Trim, Lighting Fixtures, Plumbing Fixtures, Wallpaper, Styling

Designing A Small Room: It’s all in the details

The Powder Room is a VIP when it comes to spaces on the main floor. We knew both the client and guests would love the attention that the little things would bring to a room – especially one that is used so frequently. Together, we decided on a plan that was more or less equal parts interior design and interior decoration.

We had six 1” thick, salvaged, Carrera marble slabs, purchased from Earthwise many moons ago. These clients had been holding onto them until just the right project came up, and the Main Floor Powder Room of their 1902 Victorian home was it!

Much of successful design is in choosing the right materials; the elements to use. We selected the most beautifully veined sections to use as wainscoting. Peterson Works LLC honed and polished the marble until its natural beautiful emerged, and cut the stone to fit perfectly, 48” up from the floor. It was difficult to find Carrera top rail to fit these slabs, as it is rare to have a one inch thick application of this stone these day, as in the olden days. We selected the perfect Carrera Marble tile mosaic flooring with a blue marble border to complement the old stone from the Walker Zanger collection at United Tile. Elegance extraordinaire..

Our Steampunk concept married well with bronze/copper metal finishes, including the Brizo sink faucet, drain, and p trap, along with the Brizo wall hook and bathroom accessories in the room. The sink is a tiny boat sink, perfect for the space and passage through it!

We selected the Cole and Sons “Flying Machines” wallpaper for it’s quirky imagery and rich color. These rich sepia and charcoal tones suit this small powder room well, and a wall mural of bulbous shapes peak the curiosity for the houseguests that enter the room. Thanks to Richard at Daly’s for his unending support, and Frank at D9WC for the beautiful wallpaper installation.

As you are leaving the room, look up at the niche above the door and you will see an exquisite model of a wooden boat, a piece to strike the fancy of those who enjoy the mysteries of the Industrial Age.