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Founder/Design Principal


With successful careers in interior design and fine arts, Paula brings an imaginative and creative spirit to every project - always investing the time needed to first build a collaborative relationship with each client. Her designs develop from homeowner’s personal stories, collections, and the emotions they evoke. She is committed to sustainable design creating beautiful spaces within smaller environmental footprints.

Paula is comfortable working in a variety of styles - modern, traditional, craftsman to contemporary - seeking global and historical design inspiration. She blends classic design elements, mixing them with newer materials, finishes, colors, and textures while expressing each client’s unique style. Paula is energized by the challenge of problem-solving outdated Seattle condos and apartments and does not shy away from taking risks or digging deeper to achieve design solutions that exceed client’s expectations. As a lifelong Seattle resident, her gift for capturing the essence of modern Pacific Northwest interior design is reflected in her design portfolio featuring interiors that are functional, with deep love and curiosity for nature, color, and the effect that light has on it.

Every design solution draws on Paula’s specialized design skills and her background as an artist, bringing expert-level knowledge of color theory, space planning, and artistic balance to every project. Like spinning straw into gold, Paula helps her clients transform urban spaces into color and light-filled sanctuaries, meeting day-to-day functional needs while looking great and feeling fantastic!


Associate Designer


Robbie’s skilled eye for detail is founded in product design. Her progression into interior design is a natural one, and with her inventive and entrepreneurial sensibility, Robbie’s contemporary designs combine simplicity with functionality. As a consummate listener and team collaborator, Robbie establishes meaningful connections that offer impeccable customer service to our clients.


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“On time, under budget, and she acquires absolutely remarkable taste in her design.”

“We hired Paula to help us stage 2 model rooms for a brand new 13-story apartments building in downtown Seattle. I didn’t make it easy for Paula, both units have some challenges in their layouts – one was a very small Urban 1 bedroom and the other one was a 1 bedroom with columns inside. But, she did a superb job with these units. On top of that, she was on time, under budget, and she acquires absolutely remarkable taste in her design. I can’t wait for our next project to begin so I could see her work again.”

Jenny T., Downtown Seattle, Belltown