The Magic of Color and Lighting

Inspirational video on interior design to get your creative juices flowing:

As part of an overall interior design and decor plan, we consider color and lighting to be the unifying thread that brings all the other elements together. When doing a preliminary design mock-up, we usually start with great photos of existing spaces that are provocative and inspirational.

To get your own creative juices flowing, we offer this video which includes some of those inspiring images. While relaxing and watching this presentation, imagine yourself in any of these rooms and take note of what appeals to your senses and why. These observations go a long way in determining a direction to travel style-wise, and will provide valuable information to the designer – if you have chosen one. The world is full of places that subjectively affect how we feel, and many may be tailored to our own living and working experience. If we asked you to list four places that have had the most positive impact on you, what would they be? Famous landmarks? Natural phenomena? Boutique hotels? You probably felt more inspired visiting the Taj Mahal than a fluorescent-lit Krispy Kreme, for instance. Perhaps it was the Sacre Couer, or the Great Sphynx, or a roadside motel that appeared as an oasis at just the right time. What makes a particular room transformative is how it makes you feel. Our job as design professionals is to help clients apply these personal attributes to the spaces they inhabit on a regular basis. Through the careful choice of colors, objects, furniture and materials, we seek to impart a sense of deep connection. The ultimate goal is intelligent and intuitive design, created with you in mind. For further information, please feel free to give us a call!

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