O2 Belltown Apartments

Two Model Rooms for New Construction

Space Planning, Furnishings, Décor

“Glamorous Model Apartment Interiors, Rentals for Young Professionals”

“On time, under budget, and she acquires absolutely remarkable taste in her design.”

“First of all, this is seriously not a fake review. I know how sometimes you read the review and you wonder how true it is. Anyhow, on to my review. We hired Paula to help us stage 2 model rooms for a brand new 13-story apartment building in downtown Seattle. I didn’t make it easy for Paula, both units have some challenges in their layouts – one was a very small Urban 1 bedroom and the other one was a 1 bedroom with columns inside. But, she did a superb job with these units. I have attached some photos here to share and I wish I could show you more. On top of that, she was on time, under budget, and she acquired absolutely remarkable taste in her design. I can’t wait for our next project to begin so I can see her work again.”

Jenny T., Downtown Seattle, Belltown

Apt. 803

9a-1-Living-Room _803
9a-2-Living-Room _803
9a-3-LR-Hallway _803
9a-4-Living-Room-Mood-Board _803
9a-5-Kitchen _803
9a-6-Kitchen _803
9a-7-Bedroom _803
9a-8-Bedroom _803
9a-9-Bedroom-Mood-Board _803
9a-10-Hallway-Art _803

Apt. 1101

9b-1-Living-Room _1101
9b-2-Living-Dining _1101
9b-3-Living-Dining-Mood-Board _1101
9b-4-Sitting-Room _1101
9b-5-Sitting-Room _1101
9b-6-Sitting-Room-Mood-Board _1101
9b-7-Apartment _1101
9b-8-Sitting-Room-Mood-Board _1101
9b-9-Bedroom _1101
9b-10-Bedroom _1101
9b-11-Bedroom Mood Board _1101

Belltown Design was hired to design and install two model rooms within a designated budget, to demonstrate how these compact apartments can be made wonderfully livable. It was helpful to become involved with the project before construction was complete, understanding the targeted demographic, and selecting the apartments that would best display what the building has to offer. Upon deciding on two distinctive design styles, we value-engineered the project to create the best results. It is pleasing that the first few months of leasing have generated results beyond expectations! We designed each of the two model rooms, with its own sentiment. Unit #803, a 1 bedroom apartment overlooking the building’s exterior green wall, and was designed in the enduring Mid-Century Modern style. For Unit #1101 with its sweeping western Puget Sound view, we wanted to design something contemporary and modern with a splash of urban “Glam.” It was fun to imagine the character traits of these make-believe tenants, certainly enjoyed in designing model apartments!

  • Providing a full flow-redesign to create unity throughout the condominium
  • Development of model room concepts and budget
  • Selecting all furniture and delivery coordination
  • Art curation
  • Providing accessories 
  • Designing and fabricating decorative pillows
  • Selecting and installing statement chandeliers
  • Choosing lamps
  • Offering area rugs selections 
  • Selecting Bedding
  • Overseeing assembly and installation