Cielo Apartments

Downtown Seattle, WA

Accent Walls, Frunishings, Décor

“Luxury High Rise Apartments Capturing Seattle’s Natural Cityscape through Modern Design”

“Paula presented the perfect options each step of the way.”

"When I decided to hire an interior designer for my rental at Cielo, Seattle I wanted someone who would create an apartment interior that was truly “me.” Using experienced listening skills Paula presented the perfect options each step of the way. It was like putting a puzzle together piece by piece, selecting each accent wall color, fabric, and piece of furniture individually to make a whole. An irregularly shaped alcove presented us with a design problem, and while  inquiring into my interests, it was designated a chess nook!  Her wall art selections were right on including my favorite sci fi imagery and bold black and white photography. I recommend Belltown Design for anyone who wants a personalized interior and an interior design for a place to call “home.”

Will C., Downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill


What a pleasure to have a rocket scientist as a client! And designing his apartment interior was to launch his personal statement.😊 The layout of this space was “unusual” with a funny shaped alcove that we painted deep charcoal gray and made into a chess nook. The open floor plan was tricky with unconventional proportions, yet we were able to find the right furniture with dimensions to make it do double duty as a dining room and living room. We made the space plush and cozy, and comfortable for friends and family. Our accent walls were rich colors, a deep purple bedroom, charcoal living room, natural green hallway and teal blue office / guest room. The art we selected was set off by these wall colors, and this client feels at home in his custom designed apartment! 

  • Providing comprehensive space planning 
  • Selecting all furniture and delivery coordination
  • Designing wall colors and placements
  • Providing accessories 
  • Design and fabricating decorative pillows 
  • Selecting and curating wall art
  • Procuring standalone lamps
  • Choosing area rugs 
  • Overseeing assembly and installation