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Whether you have lived in your Seattle home for years, just purchased a new one, or are renting here for the first time, you have already discovered that both light and space are at a premium in this beautiful city. We use the three fundamental elements of design – light, color, and space planning – to create an atmosphere that helps you make the most of our limited sunshine. Whether it’s in your small space, or looking to get cozy in a bigger abode, we can help you create beautiful and comfortable spaces that you are going to love.

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    Who We Are Together.

    This important discussion is usually the precursor to a larger project. The initial consultation takes place onsite and usually lasts about two hours. This meeting provides us with the opportunity to learn more about you and your project. As well, by introducing you to the “Belltown Design experience”, we are afforded the opportunity to share the services we provide that will help you accomplish your goals. It includes a professional walk through, a general design overview. and establishing your design style and criteria. By touching on your potential scope of work, timeline, budget and our design fees, it gets us on the same page!


    The initial consultation takes place onsite, and lasts about two hours. This meeting gives us the chance to become acquainted, provides us with a general overview of the project, and touches on the various aspects involved in our potential client / designer partnership. This meeting results in a written summary – a “living document”, created with the understanding of having further discussion. With this, we draft a written agreement ensuring that both client and designer are on the same page. Our contracts are customized and also standard to our industry.

    This is where the fun begins! During this imagining phase we generate the building blocks of your interior design. This step involves client’s full participation as we develop your design criteria, color scheme, materials palettes, concept drawings and plan the layout of your space. An image exchange helps us to define and adapt your design aesthetic based upon your feedback and desires. This is also the first part of our “heavy lifting”, creating your project foundation – budget, scope of work, timeline, organizing teams, develop project systems and approve preliminary designs from the imagining phase.
    This is the actual design phase and the second part of Belltown Design’s “heavy lifting.” This stage requires full client approval in order to plan and specify your interior design and bring it into focus. At this point, we’ll confirm all design elements in order to create the ‘final picture’. This includes such aspects as the space plan, electrical layout, accent walls, flooring, cabinetry, hardware, lighting, built-ins, finishes, countertops, tile, plumbing fixtures, window treatments, fabrics, furniture and wall art
    Once your design is approved, we begin a procurement phase. This involves ordering, purchasing, tracking shipments, damage control and receiving. As well, we liaison with your contractor and tradespeople to ensure that the design is executed as intended.
    If requested, we also provide recommendations for trusted tradespeople, resources, and vendors in order to ensure quality craftsmanship and implementation within your established budget.
    When all of the previous steps have been well executed, it makes this stage seamless! It is inevitable that there will be bumps in the road, yet it is our job to ensure that all goes smoothly and everything is going well. Here we are actively awaiting deliveries, inspecting merchandise and tying up loose ends for you.
    During construction, we’ll guide you through what can be a difficult and disruptive process, and advocate on your behalf to make sure your needs are met. We’ll be there to oversee the installation of window treatments, lighting, built ins, wall treatments, furniture, area rugs, lamps and wall art. Styling and accessories add the final flair!

    Here is a downloadable PDF that describes – in detail – the various phases of an interior design project with descriptions of how a typical scope of work progresses from start to finish.

    Services available:

    Color Consultations

    Color is fundamental to interior design and every color scheme is tailored to the client’s aesthetic.

    Kitchen & Bathroom

    We love designing stylish bathrooms and kitchens that combine beauty and practicality.


    Curb appeal is achieved through attention to the sum of it’s parts –  resulting in balance & symmetry.

    Building Materials

    Important choice elements such as flooring, tile, millwork, cabinets, woodwork, stone, wood, and metal.

    Lighting & Hardware

    Lighting & house hardware, often called “house jewelry” is chosen according to style and function.

    Project Managment

    Providing ongoing direction of the budget, schedule and projected goals. Every detail is attended to.

    Fabrics and Textiles

    Everything from bespoke pillows, cushions, area rugs and bedding to window treatments.

    Space Planning

    Creating drawings and renderings, using state-of-the-art software as well as being done by hand.

    Furniture and Decor

    Furnishings, sofas, chairs, art, shelving, built-ins, objects and many other adornments.

    Living Room Design & Remodel

    Dining Room Design & Remodel

    Office Room Design & Remodel

    Bathroom Design & Remodel

    Kitchen Design & Remodel


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      “We can help you create beautiful and comfortable spaces that you are going to love.”

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