Wallstreet Journal: Home Buyers Can’t Quit the Ever-Popular Craftsman-Style Bungalow

“These Craftsman appeal to everyday life,” says Paula McHugh, a Seattle interior designer who founded Belltown Design and has worked on more than 15 such homes over the past eight years,

Many clients want to keep the original wood accents and prominent porches, she ads, but reconfigure some of the interior spaces or add bathrooms…

The Seattle Times: Reclaiming The Spaces We Lost to Work and School

Paula McHugh, owner and chief designer at the Seattle interior-design firm Belltown Design, says she’s seeing three main types of clients right now, depending on their work or school status.

“There are work-from-home only that are not reclaiming spaces, [and] those who are going to the office a few days a week,” she says. “And there are those who are out of the house now and school is starting again, but there’s still some at-home [work]…”

The Seattle Times: Make Your Laundry Room Shine With a Clean, Efficient Design

For those who live in a condominium or apartment, a laundry “room” can be as small as a stackable washer-dryer set within a closet, says Paula McHugh, owner of Belltown Design, in Seattle. Smaller, European-style appliances by manufacturers such as Bosch can be a good fit for ultratight spaces, she says…

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The 20 Seattle’s Interior Designers You Need To Know Today

“Whether bold or muted, colour is one of their primary building blocks and is fundamental to their design process. Both functional and stylish, Belltown Design is looking for opportunities to use natural light. That said, their most-used advice is reading lights in every room and everything on dimmers!”


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