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If the interior design plan does not meet its first criteria of being functional – it really won’t matter how beautiful it looks!

In order to accomplish this, it is important to know how you move through your home or workspace in everyday life, and which elements you need to have in it. This approach goes beyond selecting a wall paint color or a sofa to creating a vision. A well thought out spatial arrangement is timeless and enduring, and our hope is to create interiors that will work now and in the future.

Beginning with an in-depth analysis of you and your space, we may tell your story by putting together a variety of elements. Different spaces suit different people and it is important to define areas for activity and areas for rest to give definition to each part of the room. Electrical layout and lighting placement are critical and wholly determined by our clients lifestyle and work habits. Color and lighting create the illusions we want.


Clients come to us thinking that they need more space, more storage, more of everything. We try to gently guide them toward simple solutions with breathing room. Juxtaposition is often is the answer: spatial arrangement of proportions and patterns so that the eye can appreciate the differences; or “borrowing” space from an adjoining room by using the same flooring materials, so that the room appears larger.

Often, we’ll render your plan and its elements using state of the art design software, or simply cutting paper shapes in collage form. With a background in Fine Arts, at times, we like to draw by hand. This helps us to visualize your space and work out the best possible arrangement of furniture and accessories. All in all, this design process ensures easy and economical circulation.



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