Belltown Condominium Full Remodel, Downtown Seattle, WA ​

Complete Remodel – Space and Architectural Plans, New Kitchen, New Bathroom, Flooring, Tiling, Countertops, Wall Finishes and Paint Color, Cabinets, Storage Solutions, Furnishings, Window Treatments, Styling for Live/Work Space, Project Management

The Grandview Tower (1979), built 27 stories high in the well of Belltown, Seattle, WA is as steel-strong and hard of concrete as you’ll find. Both as a building and a community; this lovely mistress of Seattle Bauhaus architecture, is the home of Belltown Design. This “Home Sweet Home” – is a 592 square foot condominium on the 16th floor with spectacular views of the city, Elliot Bay, and the Olympic Mountains. Originally replete with shag carpet, popcorn ceilings and baseboard heaters, it also had dividing walls that messed with the view. We changed all that!

Living/Dining Room and Work Space:

With small spaces and condos in particular, you can almost go anywhere style-wise. We opted for a personal style that considered our comfortable furnishings and favorite vintage pieces.
The azure wall, a color mix of our own, blends with the watery tones of the bay reflecting into the room. Sheer patterned drapery, an Art Nouveau lamp, and vintage toy wooden horse, evoke a sense of both play and work.

It’s great to have a kitchen in the BD studio space! This means we can offer coffee and lunch to our clients! With kitchen counters made of slate, the wall paint color is Baked Scone, Behr ICC 21, containing a hint of rose tone. We love our blue Bauer bowls, and we’ve staged in “still-life” to paint in oils, with all wooden furniture and cabinetry. It appears we have our own little “piece of the country” in a hard-core urban setting.

The kitchen (and everything else) was drafted in AutoCad by architect & friend, Barbara Simpson. Custom Maple cabinets keep the clutter hidden from view, and three pendants with prismatic glass shades, and carbon filament bulbs make for the warm evening light as the sunsets.

The wall paint color in the kitchen, Retro Avocado, Behr UL200-20, is the same warm green as in Nature herself.


A small caste iron, porcelain claw foot tub is only 4.5 ft. yet still ample for soaking and showering. Rich brown marble tile surrounds the tub with antique lace shower curtain, and wall sconces in polished nickel above either side above the sink.

The flooring is polished black marble and makes this space seem infinite. Wall paint color Creek Bend, Behr 790F-4.

Piano Nook:

We designed a custom nook for Tim’s 1902, upright Chickering piano. Two Streamline style wall sconces flank either side, and ceiling track lighting makes this a fine space for house concerts and recording.
The south wall is where the work bench sits, and where much of our design work is done, the overlap of art, history, and architectural. The wall paint color is warm yellow, “Refreshing Mimosa” by Glidden.

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