VIDEO: Sunny World Child Care Center – Paint Color Design

Interior Paint Color Scheme, Placement and Project Oversight

Paint colors that children love!

Sunny World Childcare Center is a bilingual Mandarin-English childcare center in the greater Seattle area. The building’s emphasis is wood arches and common spaces, having a NW appeal – integrated with the natural light and surroundings. Architect, Paul Cummings at Studio 19 in Seattle designed a stylistically functional space, with large, open classrooms and common areas.


.. a warm welcome – BM-861


Soft light at the end of the hall – C2-862


The feeling of air and water – BM-C2-722


Just like the ocean – C2-701

With the 100+ four and five year olds to attend Sunny World each day, I tried stepping into the shoes of the children, parents, teachers and staff, to create colors based in nature, appealing and inspirational.

Painted flowers in the garden – C2 – 1049


Nap-time to dream of unicorns and pixies – C2-782

As well, my intention was a viable plan with colors that flowed from room to room. My layout created accents and alcoves, and we used C2 Low VOC wall paint to create an environmentally friendly place for children.

.. fresh flowing water – C2 – BD-18


.. to renew and refresh – BM-861

Children’s Heaven

Thanks to Monica Drummey, Studio 19 Architects, Daly’s Paint and Decorating and Shearer Painting in Seattle for a top notch project moving forward!

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