Project Management of Interior Design Services

Budget Management, Scheduling, Communications, Presentations, Cost Estimations

While we are creative in our design ideas, we also know how to navigate the logistics of your project.The bare-bones of the execution and coordination of a design is essential with complicated fabrications and construction processes.

Constant communication and accountability are a must, and when you are developing something that hasn’t ever been done before, communication systems and document management are key. We are constantly checking our cell phones and emails to make sure a project is running smoothly at all times, with daily, even hourly conversations, regardless of locale.

We recently had a residential project where the client requested a specific wooden inlay border in the kitchen to echo and flow with that of the living room and dining room. This decision involved discussions with the client, builder, subcontractor and floor installer. There were many questions, opinions and input. Although this was a smaller part of the project, it required many emails, site visits and documentation to make sure everyone was all on the same page.

Using new technologies, our project management is thorough and comprehensive, where collaboration and leadership are paramount. Your project will likely involve a written proposal and contract, regular presentations, and invoicing. We’ll provide you with cost estimations and budget management, and offer recommended contractors, craftsmen and vendors with whom we have mature relationships.

Being able to illustrate the steps you need to take for a task makes everything seamless. We manage client expectations as well as the design team members’ time and schedule, and have the ability to see the big picture to ensure that the best results. Applying a methodical system to create awareness makes for a smoother collaboration resulting in a more successful project. In our experience we have seen great results when we add the management component to your project!




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