Color Consultations | Paint & Color Selection

Why hire a color consultant?

Color is fundamental to interior design and goes beyond having good taste or adhering to trends. We seek to find a color palette that considers elements including This will ensure that we have established flow and unity throughout  your interior space.
Whether it is selecting a full-spectrum wall paint, a flooring product, cabinet style, tiles, or just the right slab of granite for your countertops, color plays a key role. The desired results should be the same, beautiful and functional interiors that are unified from room to room.
It is our experience in using color and knowing how it operates within the nature that has allowed us to achieve terrific results and client satisfaction

If the blue-green sheen of Puget Sound on a day when the wind is stirring up silt inspires you, then we can find that color or create it. Translating these precise tones is the thrill of creating “a harmony parallel to nature” (in Cezanne’s own words). What could be better than that?



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