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Get “In the Mood” with these lighting ideas:

Interior design is often a winding road.. and with lighting it can go anywhere. Here are some ideas to change the mood in a room, adding atmosphere – a particular ambience.

Here is a creative use of lighting to create atmosphere or ambience in an interior space..

Creating an atmosphere and producing a mood with lighting can breathe life and drama into a space.
There is a mysterious quality when light emerges from dark corners from an unseen source. When the light is bright and crisp, it energizes as it washes undivided throughout the room or garden.
A tinted coved or beamed ceiling can add the feeling of infinite sky and a slightly colored blue/green bulb is calming and soothing.
With the absence of light our spheres appear to float, luminous and ethereal.

Lighting produces a sensory affect not unlike scent and music, setting the tone for what is happening in the room.

An atmosphere emerges when mirrors reflect color and light, when the elements of lighting and wall color are symbiotic, or when a water element creates a dance between these two undeniably linked elements.
Silent films offer a prime example of how color and light operate with respect to mood, when there are no other sensory responses to rely on.
The early film creators used color tints to distinguish day and night, interiors and exteriors, and different moods like the red filter of doom
.. or the reality of brown.

Unsaturated color was bleak, and bright colors were happy ..

Dimmers are the key; they provide control over our personal theater. They can be adjusted low to immediately melt away stress or create romance

.. or turned up high for invigorating energy and inviting focus on the task at hand.
.. or turned up high for invigorating energy and inviting focus on the task at hand.

Color and lighting are your medium and you are the creator.

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