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A strong interior lighting design includes both natural and artificial lighting, and considers the changing colors in the room according to time of day and season.

In today’s world of unlimited choices and advancing technologies, we suggest a variety of fixture types including ceiling mount fixtures, chandeliers, pendant lighting, wall mounted fixtures, task and mood lighting.

Selected in proportion to the room or area, lighting fixtures are hung at a length relating to ceiling height, how tall you are, and what kind of function the lighting performs.  It is always a good idea to fully consider the style, since lighting fixtures are “attached to the architecture” (our mantra), and should compliment the structure itself both in style and quality.

Lighting in layers is essential to our strategy and we believe strongly in applying dimmers where useful. Nothing like having the option of adjusting the lighting from a task-oriented situation into one requiring atmosphere or mood lighting.

Hardware, door knobs,interiordesign & decor, downtown Seattle, Belltown Design, Paula McHugh

“Oh Luminous light   .. what path you lay through shadowy realms”

We A-door Hardware!!

Hardware, door knobs,interiordesign & decor, downtown Seattle, Belltown Design, Paula McHugh

With all the allure of buried treasure hardware is in a world of its own! Besides being awesomely-gorgeous, we want the door knob to work like a charm. Hence with a twist and a tug – like magic the door opens – sometimes to a fabulous adventure!

Our clients are seeking everything from matching existing antique hardware, to locating the ideal brand or foundry offering your metal finish, style and function. This is one small detail that makes a big statement!



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