Interior Design – A Personal Story

Full Remodel – First Hill Plaza, 1301 Spring Street, Seattle, WA

Jane reached out to Belltown Design with the desire to completely redo her Capitol Hill condo. She was eager and ready to give new life to her space, which was tired, dark, and lacking the vitality she embodies. A variety of new floor plans were explored however, we ultimately chose to retain the original floor plan and enhance her space from ceiling to floor.
We fully remodeled the kitchen and bathrooms, specified new flooring, created a unique interior paint color scheme, carefully curated wall papers and tile patterns, and redesigned the lighting. New window treatments were also in our scope, as well as custom upholstered cushions, bedding, and furnishings throughout.
It’s never just one thing when someone asks “so, what’s your story.” It’s that you’re a yoga devotee, a mom, a chef, and the most fun friend to be on vacation with! Jane is all of these, and her space was destined to look like her, feel like her, to tell her story, and represent her perfectly.
Jane’s home is more than a collection of things: a reflection of her, her lifestyle, and her personality. Essential to her interior is that it feel light, sophisticated, and fun at the same time. Design priorities ranged from a marvelously functional kitchen, to impeccable organizational solutions. Also of great value was a comfortable, livable environment for the day to day, entertaining family, and dog friendly to boot!
Also worth noting is our decision to reuse of the original cabinetry in Jane’s interior, helping the budget and the overall design aesthetic. These high-end, black, glossy, luxury cabinets with chrome, fan shaped hardware are a highlight of the original construction, and we were delighted to design “with” them, creating new complimentary cabinets in various locations.
Color was used in a new way in Jane’s space, in larger blocks, rather than pops and splashes. Coming home to blues, greens, hot pink, black and white, Jane wanted her interior to have a lightness of being, and her love of a contemporary / whimsical aesthetic, translated into a timeless interior, and a blend of form and function. How Jane uses her space is just as important as how it looks.
Remodeling itself is a disruptive process and coupled with major slowdowns due to the Pandemic, the end results proved well worth the wait. Jane’s timeless interior has become a reflection of her effortless lifestyle, making for a successful interior design project which is equal to an ecstatically happy client.

Photography by Julie Mannell Photography
Mixed Media Paintings by Steve Edwards
Ceramic Vessels by Ann Mallory
Paper Mache by Harriet Vogel


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