Family Home, Greenwood, Seattle, WA

Kitchen, Teen Room, Office Art

These clients engaged Belltown Design to complete their kitchen design and create a multi-purpose room in their unfinished basement. Their home has a rich family history and these long-awaited improvements have added significantly to better square footage usage and the overall desired livability. The eclectic interior’s mix has a colorful and playful quality that reflect the creative personalities of this fun- loving family.
The warm and welcoming dining room ensures the pleasure of shared meals with family and friends. The lush still-life painting is an heirloom painted by the client’s mother and has found its perfect place. The Hubbardton Forge Ellipse pendant light complements the space with a modern craftsman appeal.

The family are avid travelers and have a large photography collection of their world adventures. We selected, enlarged and reprinted these three for the feature wall in the home office. They are high resolution, 24” x 36” dibond prints reproduced on photographic paper and aluminum sheeting to create this luminous trio of their treasured travel memories.

We designed the basement interior to accommodate the families many interests and needs. Beginning with an unfinished, uninviting, and rarely used space we transformed it by successfully creating a multi- use floor plan which includes a home theater, craft, and game room, as well as exercise equipment. With this open concept the family now enjoys the “rooms” within the room for all their combined activities.

The center of the room has become a fully functioning, playful teen room for the wildly creative and ambitious young ladies of the house. A designated station for sewing, ample room for art projects, and a game table for the whole family to enjoy.

The closet is custom designed and built to this family’s specifications. Supplies for sewing, crafting, gift wrapping, knitting and paper arts are now easily kept organized and accessible. No more looking for the scissors for these girls who are always making something! Thank you for the beautiful closet interior Peterson Works!


The home theater has everything needed for epic movie nights and teen sleepovers. We chose a sunny yellow wall paint color and crisp white wool wall-to-wall carpeting. With dimmable wall sconces, a comfy Biltwell sectional sofa and a place to
put your feet up, the room will remain light and cozy even in the darkest winter months.

Photography by Julie Mannell Photography

Custom built by Peterson Works LLC

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