Belltown Condominium Design – A Weekday Residence, Seattle, WA

Paint, Furniture and Art

Andrew’s “home away from home” project began just before Covid. His intention was to walk to work downtown during the week, and retreat to his primary home on the weekends. The idea was for Andrew to be able to move into this upper level, high rise condo with just a suitcase, and to create a beautiful and functional space. This condo features massive panoramic views from the 20th floor, with walls of windows in the living room, dining room, and bedroom. Using the natural light, we began by appointing an accent wall color scheme, transforming a blank, architectural canvas into an interior with definition and character. Covid offered Belltown Design the opportunity to check out our ‘remote-design-chops.’ Using innovative and thorough communications, this one bedroom, two bath, 1,200 square foot condo project was both successful and satisfying. It became a safe haven, indeed! Photography by Julie Mannell Photography
Andrew’s taste for a clean, contemporary and masculine interior transferred into using wood and leather elements to warm up the space. Our design process was largely remote, sending options to this client by email, paired with thorough explanations and recommendations. With this, Andrew was able to make wise decisions within his budget. We fell in love with this saddle leather sofa from Kardiel, as well as the Leathercraft recliner, upholstered in plush, green fabric.
Andrew participated intimately in making all selections, despite us rarely seeing each other face to face. We selected an Amish custom dining room set, and Hubbardton Forge dining room pendant.
Designing a “guy’s” bedroom with minimal, upholstered bed and custom-made bedding was lots of fun. With simplicity of design, minimalist lines, and a charcoal, copper and deep blue color palette, we reached all of our goals with this design.
Andrew’s wall art selections were made consciously, while providing us with his likes and dislikes to best express his personal story. He loves architectural black and white, large format photographs, and the Japanese Ukyo-e prints.
We procured an antique version of a map of Australia hanging it in the bathroom, to remind Andrew of where he lived and worked for the past 7 years.
Andrew also decided to purchase an original oil painting, using our remote guidance and leg work, visiting local artist Tim Robinson’s studio and selecting a fabulous Seattle waterscape for placement above the living room sofa. The painting offers the distinctive feeling of inside / outside, a Pacific Northwest feature.

There was no question whether Andrew would have this painting of Samuel Jackson eating a Hamburger taken from the movie Pulp Fiction. The entryway became the perfect location to create impact.

Without resorting to remodeling, and the simple use of paint, furniture and art we were able to transform Andrew’s space into a safe-haven indeed.

Sometimes a ‘little’ bit goes a long way… 🙂

Photography by Julie Mannell Photography

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