Cotswald Cottage Refresh, Tacoma, WA

Custom Cushions and Bedding, Window Treatments, Fabrics and Textiles

The Flemings home is a 1927 Cotswold Cottage, designed and built by the well-known architect Ambrose Russell in 1927. It has a most outstanding, centrally located Art Nouveau staircase and much like many homes located in the North Stadium District of Tacoma, it showcases a distinctive example of classic American home architecture.

The neighborhood bends and drifts along the waterfront of Commencement Bay and was originally planned and designed by the Northern Pacific Railroad as an ‘end-of-the-line haven’ of West Coast living. It’s wide and family-friendly streets are sensibly situated and the original 1920s lamp-posts still illuminate the sidewalks. The Fleming home is a gem among gems!


We looked at lighting fixture and house hardware styles, elements that are attached to the architecture itself. We explored the Cotswold sentiment, coming up with a vision that honored both the historical quality of this home, and the Fleming’s 21st century, young family lifestyle. Together we discussed color layouts and spatial arrangements, along with furniture styles, window treatments, and fabrics. Potential kitchen and bath remodels were to be scheduled further down the road. I also provided product sourcing suggestions and leads, just in case they enjoyed DIY projects!

The Living Room

The rich, brown leather couch, and two “choice” chairs and commode, all by Stickley, presented another element in the room to consider…. AND the red velvet sofa and oriental carpet were heirlooms – not to be parted with – making the color scheme in the room all the more complex. It was these various elements that guided me to do my job, and bring this room together!

The Flemings wished to begin with the task of custom pillows and cushions for the living room and the upstairs landing banquettes:

The walls in the living room were recently painted with MSL235 “Spanish Moss” (so a new paint job was out of the question).

Upstairs Landing

On the upstairs landing, the window seat and woodwork were painted 8662W, “Jogging Path”, and share the space with the lush Art Deco style carpeting of the staircase. Again, I was challenged to unify these disparate parts, and this was accomplished by choosing fabrics and cushion styles that created harmony within the space. My clients, simply put, had too many options on their table, and so it was just a matter of working together to narrow them down.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is always a place of refuge and peace in a family with children. In this case, the gentleman-half of this couple desired custom bedding, with luxury all around! The bedroom was located where the old living room originally was in this Cotswold Cottage, complete with milled wood fireplace and mantle. We aimed for a classical sentiment, something of a Venetian Style mix, with both modernity and playfulness. For this dark wood sleigh bed, we mixed fabrics and patterns; the ensemble including 2 euro shams, 2 king shams, a 54″ bolster, 1 square box pillow, 1 round box pillow, 3 boudoir pillows, coverlet, and duvet.

Everything was done in soft tones with natural textures, and sheets to match. This room became this couple’s special, romantic hideaway, choosing a lovely Rembrandt, enlarged and and reproduced to hang above the bed as a warm and restful complement.

It’s wonderful to see how a design consultation like this one can offer a great advantage to my clients, leaving them with much to consider and the resources to ponder while navigating through all their future home projects. Many thanks to Sue Trudell at Masins in Bellevue, and Katie Berg at Queen Anne & Magnolia Paint & Interiors. These ladies and their establishments prove to be awesome in both design support and craftsmanship! Stay tuned for progress on this historical home and the window treatments we have planned for Spring!

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