Minimalist, Contemporary Condominium Interior Design, Sammamish, WA

Space Planning, Color and Lighting Design, Custom Walk In Closet Designs, Powder Room Design

The living room is open and overlooks the lake. Natural light is abundant at the windows, yet in the central core of the space, light is limited. The lake front view is serene, and the west windows light up that side of the condo with natural light, while the other rooms must be artifically lit with LEDs. We modified the recessed ceiling cans by adding updated trims and additional locations creating less glare and a softer, pooling light with 2700K bulbs. This client’s dark, leather furnishings and titanium fireplace surround, call for as much lighting we can get!

Space With A View

Situated on lakefront property in Sammamish, we took a hard look at the existing floor plan, color, and lighting. Remodels were done resulting in a new, luxurious powder room and two bespoke, walk-in bedroom closets. The sophisticated, color scheme sets a distinctive mood, and cutting-edge lighting reveals the beauty of each room.

The Kitchen

The wood cabinetry throughout is top-notch VG fir in deep, reddish tones, and rich, black, marble countertops. We set out to correct the glare in the room, since with the lake outside, and stainless steel metal finishes in the open kitchen, the light reflects where it should pool, rather than ricochet off of the walls and itself. This kitchen is designed to close off the clutter and the counter tops to provide a backdrop for colorful food in the making. We can’t think of a better place to cook and eat a fabulous meal!

The Dining Room

The dining room impact wall is the perfect spot to hang this contemporary, high contrast, abstract landscape painting, giving the room some movement and dynamics. A light wood table, paired with wicker/chrome chairs in this spacious, modern dining space is both elegant and casual, for this lake front condo – a statement of nature.

The Results

With this project we faced the challenge of elevating a beautiful home into something even more special. These clients carried high expectations and a discerning taste and when we exceeded their expectations, customer satisfaction prevailed. Much thanks to Tom Destefano!!

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