Hamilton House

Photo credit – Charles Hinderliter

Brad introduced Josh and I by email, and we have been corresponding for the last few months about his experience of living in his 1949 Usonian home designed by architect Edgar Tafel aka: The Hamilton House. When Josh sent me his first draft, I wanted to give myself over to consuming everything about the subject, yet, with so many spring design projects, I couldn’t devote the time to fully understand the nuances of the Usonian style and be able to write about it.

If I may, I plan to write in further depth, about Usonian philosophy, yet, not without a trip to Racine, a visit with Brad and Josh, and a stay in the house. This Apartment Therapy article is terrific and provides a first hand view of this intriguing school of architecture and inside of Josh’s home.

Here is the link to article – https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/joshuas-usonian-retreat-the-lh-hamilton-house-house-tour-199266#_

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