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Custom, Classic, Modern and Contemporary – All Styles & Colors

Looking at your furniture piece by piece, takes thinking of the big picture as the sum of its parts. While finding the highest quality at the most affordable prices, we help you to define your style using innovative design solutions.

Consider steering clear of the “furnish everything immediately mentality.” By proceeding at a pace where you’re certain you are going to LOVE each purchase, you will avoid making costly spending mistakes.

Creating a “Hi Lo Mix” for our clients, we’ll combine custom, classic and contemporary elements, pulling your space together to make uniquely yours!

Being well-versed in the visual tricks of the trade, we may create illusion-based perceptions; such as the right color to make your ceiling seem higher, or de-cluttering to make your space seem larger.

When you feel at home, love to eat at your table, work at your desk, and sleep in your own bed, we have done our job well!



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