Interior/Exterior Paint Color Consultation – Seattle, WA

Craftsman New Construction – a River House

This new-build Craftsman home had five family members with a love for color, each in their own way. And… they had no qualms about stating their preferences! Brandy is from the Southwest, and Daniel is a New Zealander. They informed me that if I could produce the ‘right’ Terra Cotta tone for their home interior it would be well worth my paycheck! You’ll see the Terra Cotta in the slide show, and the rest of this soft and vibrant interior color palette, made to flow from room to room – inspired by nature – and to delight these house inhabitants.

The exterior color scheme speaks to the Northwest. But remember outside colors are tricky, and it’s best to have a color expert by your side and allow ample time to communicate with the painting contractors and manufacturers. This will help to make sure that the exterior colors and formulations are right for you, without chasing the natural light for too long.

Daniel, is a Boeing engineer, and fond of industrial style lighting fixtures too. We narrowed down a world of products and selections, and set “Craftsman” styling parameters for door and cabinet hardware, interior metal finishes, tile selections, patterns, countertop, other building materials, which really helped during our selection process.

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